Sonic Churro Shake

Sonic Churro Shake is here to rescue your taste buds out of boredom. You can also use this drink as a dessert or drink though the straw can serve as both. They made the Sonic Churro drink concerning tradition and a bit of Sonci’s creativity. Sonic is famous for trying new things in cooking and crafting new drinks.

If you have gone through all the drinks at Sonic let me tell you about a delightful drink that is creamy, crunchy, soft, and yummy and each sip will provide you with cool tasty goodness. Sonic Churro Shake is nothing like any other drink but a party of flavors in your mouth.

So, it is a drink for those who have tasted many many drinks but still, their taste buds are craving for more. Moreover, you can also explore the complete Sonic menu to choose the best food that you love.

So say goodbye to ordinary drinks and go for Sonic Churro Shake to satisfy your cravings today! You can also get the half-price shake during the Sonc happy hours from the Sonic drink menu.

In this article, we have also discussed its nutritional value and price s that you can know about your new favourite drink in detail.

What is the Sonic Churro Shake?

The Sonic Churro Shake is made of tasty mixed churro flavor with their smooth shakes. This is a special dessert that can be served as a dessert as well and a lot of people are having it after meals to digest their food.  This drink is for those who are searching for new and exciting flavors.

With the first sip, you can feel the fluffiness of vanilla ice cream blended with cinnamon sugar and caramel to add an extra layer of taste. The churro is whipped on top as an add-on and cherry for topping that gives it an appealing look as well.

Whether they want to review it in their food vlog or just want to enjoy and experience a new taste. Sonic has its back by introducing drinks like Sonic Churro Shake, and Sonic Pink drink and is known to push culinary boundaries to provide more for its customers.

Sonic Churro Shake Flavor Explosion: What to Expect

People who are looking forward to testing the Sonic Churro Shake. Get ready for the burst of flavors with this yummy mix of sweet and savory. The churro crunch pieces give a satisfying crunch to the smooth shake, making it a delightful combination that feels both indulgent and comforting. The last sip will leave you wanting more.

Beyond its taste, this shake is a visual treat. It is presented in a very artful way to the customers which enhances the overall experience at Sonic drive-in. Whether you are taking a photo for your social media handle or savoring it in person the aesthetic appeal adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

What is Sonic Churro Shake’s Price?

Sonc serves the shake in medium size as standard size which is suitable for all types of customers whether they want to enjoy it with snacks or as a dessert after having a super meal at Sonic. Sonic has some amazing tasty burgers, sandwiches, and sides on their Sonc menu at affordable prices.

Here is the best price offered by Sonic for a Sonic Churro Shake medium-size drink:

You can order the unique mixture of Mexican pastry and American classic milkshakes Churro shake for $5.39 and can use the special offers and deals offered to provide the drink at low prices for a limited time. So keep an eye on the promotions and deals and order your favorite food at a low price as well.

Sonic Churro Shake Nutritional Values

Sonic Churro Shake Nutritional Values

The Sonic Churro Shake has tasty goodness inside but Sonic knows its responsibilities. For people who are health conscious and want to know if this shake is healthy for them or not or how much they must drink. In each serving, you will find calories that provide a sweet and satisfying treat.

Sonic serves more than 13 different types of shakes and they all have fat including saturated fat in the churro shake as well. The share also contains sodium and cholesterol with a small amount of protein.

So before you buy the shake from Sonic Drive-in or the Sonic Drive-in mobile app be aware of its nutrition.

If you are watching your calorie intake, Sonic offers an alternative like smaller portion sizes or lighter shake bases.

Calories from FatApproximately 375
Total Fat42 grams
Saturated Fat28 grams
Cholesterol125 milligrams
Sodium500 milligrams
Protein12 grams

Ingredients of Sonic Churro Shake

With the nutritional value, why not know about the ingredients they use to make Sonic Churro Shake? Sonic is all about quality and taste at affordable prices. Each ingredient and artificial flavor plays an important role in creating the Sonic signature churro shake.

From the richness of the ice cream milkshake to the churro infusion every component adds an extra layer of yumminess.

Here is the list of ingredients used in the churro shake:

1. Whipped Cream:

Sonic adds whipped cream for a better taste that is light and fluffy. This whipped cream at Sonic adds a luxury touch to every bite. Freshly made and swirled just right it is the finishing touch that turns your favorite treat into a fluffy and yummy dessert.

2. Real Vanilla Ice Cream:

Sonic uses real vanilla ice cream made with vanilla beans for a rich and genuine taste. Whether you eat it with a spoon or sip it using a straw this ice cream is a classic treat.

3. Caramel:

To add a special touch of flavor sonic uses smooth caramel sauce. It is a tasty addition to all sundaes, shakes, and churros to make each bite extra sweet and delicious.

4. Cinnamon Sugar:

For a more warm and inviting taste cinnamon sugar is added to Sonic Churro Shake. It added a bit of sweetness and a bit of spice.

5. Cinnamon Sugar Churro:

It is a crispy golden treat that takes the shake to a whole new level. This adds a perfect crunch to satisfy your cravings. The fusion of churros into shakes has enhanced the level of texture and flavors that create a unique experience.

6. Cherry:

To complete the sonic shae treat with the burst of flavors juicy cherries are added as a topping(optional).

Tips to Enjoy The Sonic Churro Shake

Discover the tips to savor the Sonic Churro Shake and enhance your shake experience. These tips will cover everything:

  1. Let the Sonic staff know how sweet you want your Sonic Churro Shake. Whether you like it extra sweet, or mild. Customization is allowed at Sonic. They have various ice cream flavors.
  2. Sonic uses vanilla ice cream. If you want to change the flavor ask them for a change.
  3. Sonic Drive-in offers various flavor options. Feel free to mix and match to create a personalized churro shake. From classic cinnamon to more unique additions the choice is yours.
  4. Ask for extra toppings of churro or cherry if you like them more.
  5. Stay informed about the limited-time offerings. Sonic occasionally introduces a special discount for special flavors.
  6. Make sure to ask them to use premium quality churro ice cream for a fresh taste.

Step-by-Step Sonic Churro Shake Recipe Guide At Home

  1. Start with your favorite shake base- vanilla, chocolate, or a mix.
  2. Add in the churro bits for the delightful crunch.
  3. Blend them until smooth ensuring the churro pieces are evenly distributed.
  4. Pour into a glass add more churro crumbs at the top and whipped cream if want more flavor. Enjoy!


sonic is famous for its drinks and can provide millions of combinations for their customers. In this article, we have talked about Sonic Churro Shake and its price and nutritional value that makes it a delightful treat. The shake is available at an affordable price and is a satisfying option for those craving something different.


It smells good and it’s creamy. It feels fluffy and provides a crunchy and refreshing taste. Overall tastes like a creamy crunchy churro.

Yes if you want to add more churro to your shakes or wanna enjoy them without shakes you can buy from the Sonic online app for $1.49 only.

Yes, it has a Sonci Churro shake. Hey started in 2022 and is going on trend.

Sonic shakes are made of real ice cream. Somic is dairy-free but do keep egg.

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